The RT.

A milestone
in firefighting.

Designed in its entirety, the RT revolutionizes everything that has come before –
it combines the latest technology, safety, and functionality.

The RT from Rosenbauer - futuristic and conceptual on a dark background.

Fundamental questions.
New approach.

The RT is an operational vehicle that has been completely reimagined. The focus was on seeing the vehicle as a workplace for the emergency services. And the result is groundbreaking: ergonomic and safe in everyday use, powerful and agile when driving and sophisticated technology for operations on site.


Functional and safe.

Convenient Briefings.

The driver's cab and crew compartment are no longer separated. And thanks to the rotatable driver's and commander's seats, briefings can be held directly in the RT.

Briefing with the entire crew inside the RT.

Pump operation guaranteed.

All available pumps can be operated either by an electric motor with battery power or by the Energy Backup System with diesel. This ensures operation even over longer deployment times.

Close-up of the pump controls at the rear of the RT.

Enlighteningly safe.

Integrated high-performance LED strips provide outstanding ambient lighting and, in many cases, eliminate the need for setting up a light mast.

Side view of the RT at dusk with open storage compartments and full lighting.

Ergonomic working conditions.

Easy entry and reduced lifting load due to selectable chassis driving levels make on-site work easier for emergency responders.

Firefighters climb out of the side of the RT from a low exit height.

Connected in an instant.

The RT combines state-of-the-art hardware and thought through, intelligent software. All functions are bundled via the intuitive control panel. Control can be centralized within the vehicle or remotely from outside.

Two firefighters in full protective clothing in the front cockpit of the RT. Settings are made via the control panel and tablet.

Water on!

Exactly in the way needed: the modern firefighting technology of the RT offers many configuration options for water and foam tanks as well as pressure outlets and foam mixing systems.

Close-up of the water cannon mounted on the front roof of the RT in action.

The RT: Electric & efficient – for the city of tomorrow.

"With the RT, we are setting a new standard for the future of firefighting – through its holistic and customer-oriented innovation, it uniquely combines performance, agility, and sustainability."
Clemens Stangl, Product Manager RT/RTX

Discover the different operating modes of the RT.

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Designed for moments that count.

In balance.

The drive concept with a low center of gravity and uniform axle load distribution provides important stability in handling in every situation.

The RT drifting on a snow-covered surface at dusk.

Small turning circle.

The selectable rear axle steering significantly reduces the turning circle – especially for a vehicle with all-wheel drive.

Everything in sight.

Advanced sensors in the electronic mirror system, as well as blind-spot warnings and rear cameras, support the driver during operations.

View of the driver from the crew compartment. The display of the exterior cameras is in focus.

Digitally connected.

A dedicated communication system in the RT includes integration of drones as well as constant connection to the command center and the RDS Connected Command. This allows important data to be transmitted directly.

Side view of the cockpit of the RT. Firefighters make digital settings on the control panel and tablet.

Unprecedented drive.

As soon as the RT is started, two electric motors provide unprecedented drive. The electric motor has the ability to convert kinetic energy into electricity during braking. 

The RT from an angled front view on a snow-covered surface at dusk against the light.

For the environment.

Climate, emergency responders, and affected individuals, residents, or passersby – all benefit from minimal emissions and reduced noise pollution.

Powerfully different.

The electric drive of the RT with its impressive driving dynamics brings along another significant advantage: emission-free driving.

Flexible charging.

Three-phase alternating current from the industry-standard high-voltage socket is sufficient to charge the RT's batteries. In areas with high deployment density, suitable direct current charging stations are the preferred choice for minimal charging times.

More power in action.

Auxiliary equipment such as fans or submersible pumps can be easily operated using the RT's batteries. This turns it into a mobile power station at the operating scene.

Energy Backup System.

The tandem of a state-of-the-art six-cylinder diesel engine and an electric motor as a power generator serves as the "energy reserve" during longer operations. If the battery capacity is no longer sufficient, the RT and external devices can be powered by this system. 

The RT in detail.

Close-up of the front of the RT - the Rosenbauer logo in the center.

Discover the main components inside the RT.

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